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How to Optimize Resistance Training for Fat Loss

Resistance/strength training, healthy eating and a health lifestyle are the three major components of any program in which you want to lose fat in an efficient and effective manner. The follow article addresses the issue of how to optimize training to increase fat loss.

Nutrition is, also, a major component and fat loss. Please see Fat Loss Fundamentals.

Optimizing Weight Loss with Strength Training

Keys to Optimizing Fat Loss with Exercise

Increase Exercise Volume Increasing the volume is possible either by increasing the lifting load or increasing the number of repetitions. The best strategy is to mix things up and engage in Escalating Density Training and German Volume Training.

Escalating Density Training (EDT)

In short, EDT is the completion of as many repetitions possible in a specific timeframe. Many EDT programs place the timeframe between ten and twenty minutes depending on the specific needs of the student. The goal of EDT is get your muscles to hypertrophy.

German Volume Training (GVT)

GVT is, also, a high-volume exercise program. With GVT, most personal trainers shall instruct students to do 10 sets of 10 reps with 60-second rests between sets. The most successful programs use either antagonist muscles or compound exercises.

Decease Rest Between Sets Decreasing rest between sets leads to the burning of more calories during the exercise and after the exercise through the afterburn effect. If you are sweating between sets, this is a great sign that your body is burning calories.

Choose Full-Body & Compound Exercises You shall expend more energy if you utilize more muscles in your body, thus, choose exercises that work into exercises basic foundational movements such as Push, Pull, Lunge, Hinge, Squat and Carry.

Rest & Recovery A body shall never be able to burn fat in a sustainable manner without rest, adequate nutrition, hydration and an overall healthy lifestyle.

If you would like to schedule a free assessment with a personal trainer please schedule a call with a personal trainer.

CEO, Pliagility

The Pliagility Personal Training Program

Pliagility developed a science-based and data-driven mobile application and training method that is delivered by leading personal trainers and nutrition coaches online and in person.

The Fitness Industry is, sadly, led by many scam marketers and influencers hell-bent on selling, at any cost, bull "BioHacks;" "Scientific Breakthroughs;" "Secret Sauces;" and Magic Berries & Beans. We here at Pliagility were fed up and decided that a better way exists. Thus, over a three-year period and decades of experience our team developed The Pliagility Program after reading, testing and researching the major peer-reviewed literature, programs, diets and supplements. Pliagility can be delivered online and in person. Simply - we are the better Mouse Trap.

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