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Fat Loss Fundamentals by Pliagility

Most of our students of Pliagility are trying to cut fat and subsequently, in most cases, weight. We see too many personal trainers trying to sell magic beans and berries. Don't believe the hype. Stick to the Pliagility Fat Loss Fundamental Basics and you shall be well on your way to the body that you dream of.

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Fat Loss Basics

Reasonable Fat Loss Expectations
  1. Slow Fat Loss Wins the Day. Fast Progress is not sustainable.

  2. Focus on Fat Loss and not Mere Weight Loss. Your weight can have massive fluctuations based on a number of factors including how much water drank in the particular day. Thus, focus on taking regular pictures and taking measurements. The Pliagility Program teaches and has a excellent portal for tracking your fat loss progress.

  3. Plateaus are Normal and Inevitable. Beat plateaus with variety.

  4. Progress is not always linear.

  5. No food stores fat or is bad in of itself. However, a clean high-protein diet is ideal for most people wishing to lose fat and gain lean resilient muscle.

  6. Don't listen to your friends - most don't know what they are doing - this includes many personal trainers and nutrition coaches.

Fat Loss, Nutrition & Dieting
  1. No food is good or bad for weight and fat loss. Some food, though, is better or worse for your overall health.

  2. Losing fat shall occur when you are in a caloric deficit. You need to simply eat less calories than you burn.

  3. The best food for your health is whole foods.

  4. For most people, it is best for your health to eat a high-protein whole food diet. Pliagility includes excellent nutrition advice, guidance and food and compliance log.

  5. Mentality matters more than we realize. We are all, at times, going to binge eat and sabotage ourselves. Thus, we have built into the Pliagility Program a resource for those experiencing personal struggles that are affecting this fat loss journey.

Exercise Fundamentals
  1. For most people three to four days a week of exercise with a health lifestyle is adequate.

  2. Resistance/weight training is essential for a sustainable weight/fat loss program.

  3. Resistance/weight training shall not build females into looking like bodybuilders and shall not build men into looking bulky unless your trainer doesn't know what he or she is doing.

  4. Exercising should be fun and rewarding.

  5. All good personal trainers have a good fitness application that allows you to systematically train and track your progress.

CEO, Pliagility

The Pliagility Personal Training Program

Pliagility developed a science-based and data-driven mobile application and training method that is delivered by leading personal trainers and nutrition coaches online and in person in New York and online globally.

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