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Are you Overexercising? The Dangers of Too Much Exercise by Pliagility

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

We know that exercising is beneficial to our health. But as they say, too much of a good thing is not all good. The same holds true with exercising. Too much exercise can be more detrimental to your health and body than you may think.


According to an article published by The Health Journal, the following are the possible side effects of over exercising:

1. Developing a Negative State of Mind

It is very important that one takes a physical and mental rest in order to avoid physical and mental exhaustion. According to the Health Journal "When you don’t take a rest day, you subconsciously start becoming more irritable. Your brain thinks more pessimistically, focusing on the bad instead of the good."

2. Increased Risk of Injury

You must give your body time to recover after an intensive exercise. The rest time will give your body a chance to recover and repair. The Health Journal reiterated that "Overuse of the muscles, ligaments and tendons will cause constant inflammation in your body, heightening your chances of injury."

3. Increased Stress Level

The Health Journal states that "Consistent high-intensity workouts will cause your endocrine system to start to fatigue. When this occurs, your endocrine system will start to produce cortisol. Cortisol is a steroid hormone that is also known as the stress hormone since it induces stress."

4. More Often Being Sick

When you exercise, your goal is to be healthy and not be sick. Hence, you should avoid over exercising as it will give negative result and will actually be more detrimental to your health. According to the Journal "Overexercising will compromise your immune system, and your performance levels will worsen."

You may read the full article at: The Dangers of Overexercising.

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Aireen "Pico" Acoba

Chief Marketing Officer, Pliagility LLC

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