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Tips for Building a Lean, Healthy and Fit You | Pliagility Personal Trainers & Nutrition Coaches

Updated: May 27, 2022

Losing weight and getting in shape are not one in the same. In some cases, a student may not lose much weight and the student shall still transform his or her body and looks and feels fantastic. Our focus in our mission to be fit should, always, be on losing fat and inches not merely bodyweight.

Every Body is Different and Every Body Needs a Tailored Program

In many cases, students that increase their percentage of lean muscle mass and decrease their percentage of fat shall not lose substantial weight, since muscle is much more dense than fat. However, others should and shall lose substantial weight. Thus, in fitness nothing is a one-size fits all. This is why Pliagility custom-tailors each fitness program to the specific program.

However, the following tips are essential tips for everyone. Following these tips and you shalll be on your way to fit, healthy, lean and shall be ready to hit the pool in the summer.

Tips for Buildings a Lean, Fit & Healthy Body
  1. Three to Four Days of Strength/Resistance Training per Week

  2. Three to Four Days of Cardio Training per Week

  3. High Protein and Plant-Focused Nutritious Diet

  4. Drink at least Three Liters (16 cups) of Water each Day

  5. Sleep between Six and Nine Hours Each Day

  6. Do, at least, 70,000 steps each week (inclusive of exercise)

  7. Consider Key Supplements (Link to Article on supplements to be placed here)

  8. Calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate and Follow either Pliagility's Cutting, Lean Gain or Lean Maintenance Caloric Intake Program.

  9. Hire a Qualified and Experienced Personal Trainer with a Systematic and Science-Based Program to Guide you on this Journey to a Healthier, Happier and more Fit Self.

  10. Consult with a doctor or health care provider before engaging in any fitness regime.

Please schedule a free no hassle consultation with Senior Personal Trainer for Consultation at: Schedule a Free Consultation

CEO, Pliagility

The Pliagility Personal Training Program

Pliagility developed a science-based and data-driven mobile application and training method that is delivered by leading personal trainers and nutrition coaches online and in person.

The Fitness Industry is, sadly, led by many scam marketers and influencers hell-bent on selling, at any cost, bull "BioHacks;" "Scientific Breakthroughs;" "Secret Sauces;" and Magic Berries & Beans. We here at Pliagility were fed up and decided that a better way exists. Thus, over a three-year period and decades of experience our team developed The Pliagility Program after reading, testing and researching the major peer-reviewed literature, programs, diets and supplements. Pliagility can be delivered online and in person. Simply - we are the better Mouse Trap.

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