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15 Diet Hacks to Get You on the Path to Weight & Fat Loss!

While no get fit and lean program is simple and easy, the following is great ideas to get you on track to health and fitness.

  1. Stay Hydrated. (For most men, 3.5 liters of water should be drank daily and for most woman 3 liters should be drank.)

  2. Close the Kitchen after Dinner

  3. Drink Coffee

  4. Wake-up Early

  5. Form Good Regular & Healthy Habits

  6. Eat Two to Three Servings of Fruit each day

  7. Load up on Vegetables

  8. Have Protein in Every Meal.

  9. Eat your Protein with a Carb or a Fat.

  10. Eat Mainly Whole Foods.

  11. Add Herbs and Spices to every Meal.

  12. Rid your House of Sugary Snacks

  13. Eat, Primarily, at Home.

  14. Drink Tea

  15. A lemon to Water and Foods

This list of 15 Diet Hacks shall be a great first step in getting you on the path to health and fitness. Please, also, take a look at our articles articles on health and fitness. If you would like to schedule a free assessment with a personal trainer please schedule a call with a personal trainer

CEO, Pliagility

The Pliagility Personal Training Program

Pliagility developed a science-based and data-driven mobile application and training method that is delivered by leading personal trainers and nutrition coaches online and in person.

The Fitness Industry is, sadly, led by many scam marketers and influencers hell-bent on selling, at any cost, bull "BioHacks;" "Scientific Breakthroughs;" "Secret Sauces;" and Magic Berries & Beans. We here at Pliagility were fed up and decided that a better way exists. Thus, over a three-year period and decades of experience our team developed The Pliagility Program after reading, testing and researching the major peer-reviewed literature, programs, diets and supplements. Pliagility can be delivered online and in person. Simply - we are the better Mouse Trap.

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