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What is Muscle Pliability & Why does is Matter?

Updated: May 27, 2022

Muscle Tech has an excellent article on the benefits of Pliability exercises. The article does an excellent job at explaining how pliability is not mere flexibility and how to integrate pliagility exercises into you fitness program. We here at Pliagility developed an easy to follow program designed by Fitness and Nutrition coaches after three years of study, testing and researching the major peer-reviewed literature, programs, diets and supplements.

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We have learned through research and experience that weight training, cardio workouts, and stretching is essential part of every fitness program, but few programs teach and reinforce Muscle Pliability and Muscle Agility Training. Thus, Pliagility Program was developed. Pliagility is a word invented by us. It is the combination of the words Pliability and Agility.

"While the concept of muscle pliability has increased in popularity in recent years, it’s been around since at least the early 1990s. In a 1994 Chicago Tribune article, “Flexibility Is Out, Muscle Pliability Is In, Says Expert,” Stretch and Strengthen author Judy Alter explains, “Your goal is not flexibility. Muscle pliability is what you want for better movement.”
In that same article, personal trainer Carmen McFadden says that men are generally less pliable, since “they want bulk and forget about lengthening muscles,” but also adds that a good number of women have tight hamstrings from the power bursts of high-impact aerobics classes.
“Bodybuilders can be so much more pliable without losing size,” says McFadden, noting that the size of a muscle doesn’t have to inhibit its ability to work a joint. She also explains that runners could lack muscle pliability because their muscles adapt to the shorter range of motion of that exercise.

The full article may be found at: What is Muscle Pliability and Why does it Matter?

Schedule a Free Consultation with a Coach or Checkout out the Pliagility App to see how Pliagility can serve your health and fitness needs and goals.

CEO, Pliagility

The Pliagility Personal Training Program

Pliagility developed a science-based and data-driven mobile application and training method that is delivered by leading personal trainers and nutrition coaches online and in person.

The Fitness Industry is, sadly, led by many scam marketers and influencers hell-bent on selling, at any cost, bull "BioHacks;" "Scientific Breakthroughs;" "Secret Sauces;" and Magic Berries & Beans. We here at Pliagility were fed up and decided that a better way exists. Thus, over a three-year period and decades of experience our team developed The Pliagility Program after reading, testing and researching the major peer-reviewed literature, programs, diets and supplements. Pliagility can be delivered online and in person. Simply - we are the better Mouse Trap.

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