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Member Benefits

We are a premium fitness and nutrition coaching service developed for those that wish for an efficient science-based custom-tailored fitness program delivered by seasoned, professional and motivational personal trainers either online (globally & NY) or offline (New York City area).


Pliagility is more than a few classes each week and a slap on the back. We custom build your program, give you access to a cutting-edge application with diet advice, diet programs, fitness advice, fitness programs and tracking technology to track your progress, vitals, habits, program compliance and goals. Our software monitors your progress, habits, compliance and goals and provides feedback via both a gentle stick and a delicious carrot. 


The Pliagility Program, simply, is a smart & efficient science-based full-service tech-enabled  health and fitness program that drives our students to exceed expectations and torch calories before and after workouts. We developed Pliagility with busy individuals and professionals in mind.

Pliagility's All Inclusive 
Fitness Program

Smart Tech-Enabled Mobile App that tracks Habits, Vitals, Progress, Compliance and Goals that links to Fitness trackers.  

Flexible Schedule & Location of Exercise. We have trainers available 24-hours a day seven days each week online and in person in NYC seven days a week.

All Fitness Regimens, Habits, Goals & Progressions are personally tailored to the specific student needs. 

Our Pliagility Programs are proven Science-based Programs that torch calories through the afterburn effect.

Programs, technology and trainers are keenly focused on tracking progress and success via our Smart Tech-Enabled App.

We work with only elite Personal Trainers & Fitness Coaches. We work with only the best, brightest and most professional trainers in the industry

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