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Pliagility logo, personal fitness trainer, fitness program

Science-Based Tech-Enabled Personal Training Programs Online Globally and In Person in New York City. 

Pliagility logo, personal fitness trainer, fitness program

Elite NY Personal Trainers Delivering Smart Tech-Driven Fitness Programs.

We didn't reinvent the wheel, but we did build a better mouse trap. Pliagility is premium full-service fitness and nutrition coaching service developed for those that wish for an efficient science-based custom-tailored fitness program delivered by seasoned, professional and motivational personal trainers either online (globally & NYC) or offline/online (New York City area). Pliagility is more than a few classes each week and a slap on the back. We custom build your fitness and diet program, give you access to a cutting-edge application with diet advice, diet programs, fitness advice, fitness programs and tracking technology to track your progress, vitals, habits, program compliance and goals. Our software monitors your progress, habits, compliance and goals and provides feedback via both a gentle stick and a delicious carrot. 


The Pliagility Program leads our students to torch calories before and after workouts. We developed Pliagility with busy individuals and professionals in mind. Pliagility developed the Smartest Technology-Driven Coached Fitness Program that torches calories through a caloric afterburn. Few personal training and fitness programs track progress, are science based and are anything more than just scam or deceptive marketing click funnels.  


Fitness Industry is Led by Scam Marketers

The reality is the fitness industry sells magic and delivers crap.  Charlatan marketers and influencers hell-bent on selling, at any cost, bull "BioHacks;" "Scientific Breakthroughs;" "Secret Sauces;" and Magic Beans and Berries dominate the fitness industry. I am Sean Hayes and I was fed up with the deception and formed Pliagility LLC to share my love of fitness and provide great opportunities for elite and upcoming elite New York personal trainers.

Pliagility is a Leading Science-Based Tech-Enabled Fitness Program

Pliagility works with only the best and brightest personal trainers that are at the very top of the fitness industry and their game. Most of our personal trainers had professional and/or high-level careers prior to entering in the professional NY personal trainer market, including me the founder of Pliagility. I am a New York attorney that was a law professor, headed up an international law firm in China and Korea, engaged in some of the leading contentious matters in Asia and ran for a New York-statewide political office. 


I knew with research, a great team and hard work we could share my love and challenges with fitness and health to an audience in need of a professional, honest, efficient and a systematic way to health and fitness. We deserved better and we delivered on getting you a better program by hiring a great team that developed The Pliagility Personal Training Program after reading, testing and researching the major peer-reviewed literature, programs, diets and supplements.


Why is Pliagility the Better Mouse Trap?

We believed, and after our research are certain, that the core to motivation is trackable progress; the key to progress is sustainability; and the key to maximizing progress and success is a science-based easy to follow program based on Pliability and Agility (Pliability + Agility = Pliagility). We threw on top of this Pliagility Program a fantastic app for our trainers and the students of Pliagility that tracks progress, integrates with fitness trackers and reinforces good habits. 


We are proud to say we have the most easy to follow and sustainable science-based tech-enabled fitness program on the market specifically developed for busy individuals and professionals that want to make the best use of their health and fitness time. We are, also, overwhelmed by the reception we received from New York personal trainers and we are enthralled to have our program delivered by highly-trained and experienced senior New York personal trainers adept at fitness coaching, personal training and that are trained in the cutting-edge Pliagility Program.  


What is Muscle Pliagility and Muscle Agility?

Muscle pliability is the state of having highly elastic, flexible and resilient muscles. Muscle Pliagility training focuses on developing muscle tissues, connective tissues, joints, and ligaments in order to develop  a lean body and flexible and highly elastic muscles. Muscle pliability exercises combine anaerobic, aerobic and functioning training exercises in a fun and rewarding trackable Pliagility Program. Those that stick to Muscle Pliability exercises develop lean, fit and resilient bodies that are less capable of injury and that burn calories post completion of exercising through the afterburn effect.


Muscle Agility is the ability of a muscle to act quickly, efficiently and safely. Muscle agility training focuses on developing a strong, lean and healthy body through anaerobic, aerobic and functioning training exercises in a fun, rewarding science-based trackable Pliagility Program. Muscle Agility training burns calories during and after exercising through post-exercise afterburn.

Schedule a Free Consultation

Schedule a Free Consultation with me, Sean Hayes, and see how the Pliagility Program can serve your health and fitness needs and goals. We conduct training online and offline in the New York City area and online worldwide 24-hours a day seven-days a week. 

Sean Hayes 


Pliagility LLC

Weight loss_edited.png

I was overweight most of my life.  I was never happy with the way I looked.  Sean Hayes who is also a lawyer and his Pliagility Program changed my total outlook towards life and made me feel whole and beautiful again.  One of the best choices I have made in my life.  Get a pro get Sean and his great team.

Awesome Before and After Weight Loss fitness Transformation. The man was fat but became at


I thought online training without a substantial home gyms was a load of garbage.  Pliagility proved me wrong.  The focus on functional fitness, body-weight exercises, pliability, agility and accountability was a godsend to me.  I love these guys.  Consistently proving me wrong.

Before And After Concept Showing Fat To Slim Woman_edited.png

The following picture is after two-months of training with my trainer.  The workouts are the highlight of my day, because of the great attitude of my trainer and the great progress I see from following the advice and guidance of my coach.  I love Pliagility and its trainers.  Super Highly Recommended. 

Pliagility's All Inclusive 
Fitness Program

Smart Tech-Enabled Mobile App that tracks Habits, Vitals, Progress, Compliance and Goals that links to Fitness trackers.  

Flexible Schedule & Location of Exercise. We have trainers available 24-hours a day seven days each week online and in person in NYC seven days a week.

All Fitness Regimens, Habits, Goals & Progressions are personally tailored to the specific student needs. 

Our Pliagility Programs are proven Science-based Programs that torch calories through the afterburn effect.

Programs, technology and trainers are keenly focused on tracking progress and success via our Smart Tech-Enabled App.

We work with only elite Personal Trainers & Fitness Coaches. We work with only the best, brightest and most professional trainers in the industry

Online home training. Cropped view of young girl working out at home, following web video
Senior handsome sportman doing stretching and balancing yoga exercise at home using online

Thanks for submitting! If you would like to schedule a no cost consultation please schedule at: Schedule Free a Consultation with a Personal Trainer

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