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Pliagility logo, personal fitness trainer, fitness program
Pliagility logo, personal fitness trainer, fitness program
Pliagility logo, personal fitness trainer, fitness program

Systematic Science-Based Tech-Enabled Method to Change Your Life

Pliagility was created by an international lawyer and former professor and CEO of a multinational company that believed that the major fitness programs on the market were either scams or impossible to follow for busy professionals and families. Thus, Pliagility did an exhaustive review of science-based literature and publications, interviewed industry professionals and used our decades of personal experience in training, coaching and participation in sports to build a science-based tech-driven program that motivates participants up the Pliagility Steps to a lean, strong and healthy self.  

Our program is led by top-professionals in the fitness and nutrition industry. No other Personal Trainer-based program has developed a program as comprehensive, science-based and app-driven as Pliagility.  

We here at Pliagility learned through research and experience that weight training, cardio workouts, and stretching is essential part of every fitness program, but few programs teach and reinforce Muscle Pliability and Muscle Agility Training. Thus, the Pliagility Program was developed to fill this glaring gap. Pliagility is a word invented by us.  It is the combination of the words Pliability and Agility. 


What is Muscle Pliability & Muscle Agility?

Muscle pliability is the state of having highly elastic, flexible and resilient muscles. Pliable muscles are muscles that allow you to perform at your highest level with less likelihood of being injured. A pliable muscle is as important for a senior citizen as it is for an athlete, but is too often overlooked in most fitness program.   


Pliagility's Muscle Pliagility training focuses on developing pliable muscle tissues, connective tissues, joints, and ligaments in order to develop flexible and highly elastic muscles that perform at the highest and most efficient level.  Muscle pliability exercises by Pliagility combines anaerobic, aerobic and functioning training exercises via the fun and rewarding Pliagility Program.  


Muscle Agility is the ability of a body in motion to act quickly, efficiently, safely while changing directions and changing the position of the body. An agile muscle and body decreases the chance of injury, increases mental cognition, improves coordination and balance and improves recovery time.  An agile body and agile muscles is essential for a strong, fit and resilient body.


Muscle agility training via Pliagility focuses on developing a strong, lean and healthy body through anaerobic, aerobic and functioning training exercises in a fun, rewarding science-based and trackable mobile application-based program. 

Benefits of having a personal trainer, nutrition, cardio training, resistance training, hydration, motivation, supplementation

Pliagility Program is:


Mobile App

Flexible Schedule &

Location of Exercise

Personal- Tailored Guidance

Proven Science-based Program

Result Driven & Traceable Progress

Professional Trainers & Dieticians

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